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For the past two decades, Carpet Cleanings Canberra has been your go-to company for unmatched carpet cleaning solutions. We guarantee 100% satisfaction before we leave your property. Our expertise stands out, as we continuously educate ourselves on the latest methods to restore your carpets. Unlike other cleaners, we offer a variety of proven Carpet Cleaning Canberra methods, ensuring your carpets return to their original glory.

Whether it’s kids, pets, or accidental spills, we understand life’s messes. Don’t worry about who to call for effective steam cleaning – we’ve got you covered! We prioritise your family’s
health by delivering prompt and affordable services. No more waiting for days for your carpets to dry. Our Canberra Carpet Cleaning professionals transform dirty, dull carpets into clean, fresh, and vibrant within a few hours. Vacuuming only touches the surface; we go deeper to eliminate grime, dirt, moulds, and hidden pathogens that cause odours and stains. Trust the well-trained professionals for carpet revival. We are your top choice in Canberra, ACT(Australian Capital Territory).

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    Experience the Difference: Book Your Carpet Cleaning Today

    Give your living areas an addition of cleanliness and freshness. Our expert carpet
    cleaning services aim to significantly improve your carpet’s look. Make an initial move towards creating a healthier, cleaner house. Make an appointment with us for carpet cleaning right now to see the difference that makes us unique.

    Unveiling Canberra’s Premier Carpet Steam Cleaning and Spot Dye Service

    Our local Canberra carpet cleaners ensure a top-notch steam cleaning service to eliminate germs, creating a healthier home for your family. For businesses or homes, regular steam carpeting is vital for maintaining a professional appearance and preventing health issues.

    • Steam cleaning is essential for a clean and healthy environment. Our professional-grade equipment and eco-friendly solutions effectively remove dirt and prevent health hazards.
    • Allergies can be triggered by airborne dust, affecting productivity. Ordinary vacuum cleaners lack the power to remove all dust, dirt, and mould, making professional cleaning necessary. We use eco-friendly solutions and top-notch equipment to prevent dirt build-up, ensuring a clean and fresh home or workplace.
    • Our steam cleaners specialize in pet hair removal and stain removal, tackling everything from blood and chocolate to ink and wine stains.
    • Spotting and stain removal are included in our cleaning ensuring a thorough cleaning process. Our Carpet Cleaning Canberra team leave your home or office spotless and healthy.

    Trust us for Canberra’s best carpet steam cleaning and spot dye service – we’re here to make your carpets clean, fresh, and vibrant!

    Premier Carpet Steam Cleaning and Spot Dye Service in Canberra

    Our Specialized Services

    Comprehensive Carpet Cleaning in Canberra

    Comprehensive Carpet Cleaning

    Ensure the longevity of your carpets with our expertise in comprehensive carpet and rug cleaning services. No matter how delicate, we’re experienced in cleaning all fabric types, guaranteeing no odour or stain removal worries.

    Carpet Stain Removal Mastery

    Stain Removal Mastery

    Our team excels in treating various carpet stains, from red wine to water, food, and urine. Trust us to restore the pristine look of your carpets with our stain removal mastery.

    carpet dour Elimination Expertise

    Odour Elimination Expertise

    Banish unpleasant odours with our expertise in pet and urine odour removal. Enjoy a fresh and clean environment with our specialized odour elimination services.

    Area Rug and Upholstery Cleaning

    Area Rug and Upholstery Cleaning

    Beyond carpets, we extend our cleaning services to area rugs and all types of upholstery. Experience a thorough home refresh with our professional cleaning touch.

    Scotchgard Carpet Stain Protection

    Scotchgard Carpet Stain Protection

    Accidents can happen anytime. Safeguard your delicate carpets from stains with our Scotchgard carpet stain protection service. Enjoy peace of mind and maintain the pristine look of your carpets.

    End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

    End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

    Don’t leave your rented house with dirty carpets. Opt for our End of Lease Carpet Cleaning service to make a lasting impression. Ensure a clean exit and leave behind a fresh and welcoming space.

    Our comprehensive Carpet Cleaning Canberra services cover all aspects of carpet care – from cleaning and stain removal to odour elimination and more. Trust us for all your Carpet Cleaning Services in Canberra, and let us transform your spaces into clean, fresh havens.

    Our Proven Process Bringing Cleanliness to Your Doorstep

    Our proven process is a testament to our commitment to delivering top-notch cleanliness. From the initial inspection to the final drying stage, each step is carefully executed to ensure your satisfaction.

    Thorough Inspection

    Our professional carpet cleaners begin with a detailed examination of your carpeting area to identify specific cleaning needs. This step ensures a tailored approach for optimal results.


    Address stains and dirt with our effective pre-treatment solution. This prepares your carpets for the deep cleaning process, enhancing the overall effectiveness.

    Hot Water Extraction

    Our advanced machines use hot water under high pressure to penetrate carpet fibres,
    extracting dirt and bacteria. This method ensures a thorough cleaning for a revitalized look.

    Stain Removal and Spot Treatment

    Target stains with precision. Our experts employ specialized techniques to remove
    stubborn stains, leaving your carpets looking pristine.

    Odour Neutralization

    Banish unwanted odours with our expert odour neutralization. Whether it’s pet odours or other unpleasant smells, we ensure a fresh and inviting atmosphere.


    Complete the process by ensuring efficient drying. Our goal is to minimize downtime,
    allowing you to enjoy your revitalized space in no time.

    Experience the transformation as we bring a new level of freshness to your home or office carpets. Trust us to make cleanliness a seamless part of your doorstep experience.

    Our Carpet Cleaning Canberra Service Coverage

    Carpet Cleanings Canberra is a top-notch cleaning service provider, reaching various suburbs for your convenience. From Northern Suburbs to Southern Suburbs, we’ve got you covered. Our dedicated team ensures professional carpet cleaning in all suburbs of Canberra.

    • Kingston
    • Belconnen
    • Braddon
    • Googong
    • Phillip
    • Narrabundah
    • Gungahlin
    • Ngunnawal
    • Watson
    • Franklin

    Experience the quality and reliability of Carpet Cleanings in Canberra in these suburbs. We’re here to bring cleanliness and freshness to your doorstep, ensuring your satisfaction with every service we provide.

    Our Carpet Cleaning Canberra Service Coverage

    Why Choose Carpet Cleanings Canberra?

    Discover the reasons that make our Canberra Cleaning Services the top choice for carpet cleaning in Canberra:



    Get quality carpet cleaning solutions in Canberra without breaking the bank. Enjoy affordable and competitive pricing for our top-notch cleaning services.

    Fully Insured

    Fully Insured

    Our carpet cleaners are fully insured, offering you protection with $20 million in
    public liability insurance coverage.

    Highly Rated


    Join over 10K+ satisfied customers and experience our 5-star rated carpet cleaning
    service in Canberra.

    Punctual Service

    Punctual Service

    We value your time – our carpet cleaners ensure prompt service without unnecessary delays. Rest easy with our commitment to your satisfaction, backed by a guarantee.

    Pet Odour Stain Removal

    Pet Odour Stain Removal

    We specialize in removing pet odours and stains, ensuring a fresh and clean
    environment. Rely on our trained and experienced carpet cleaners for exceptional service.

    Non-Toxic Chemicals

    Non-Toxic Chemicals

    Your family’s safety is our priority – we use non-toxic chemicals for a safe and
    healthy cleaning process.

    Choose Carpet Cleanings Canberra for a reliable, affordable, and highly-rated carpet cleaning experience that prioritizes your satisfaction and safety.

    Ready to Elevate Your Carpets? Contact Our Carpet Cleaning Canberra Team

    Transform your carpets with our professional touch. Whether it’s stains, odours, or just a refresh, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us for revitalized home or office carpets. Call us at 02 6189 2589 or email us at We’re here to make your spaces clean and vibrant!


    The cleaning frequency depends on factors like having kids, pets, or a busy household. Generally, it's advised to get professional carpet cleaning twice a year for a dust-free and debris-free carpet. You must act immediately in case of stains and spills.
    It's best to get it right the first time. Often, store-bought cleaning products don't remove stains, and there's a risk of making the stain worse. Contacting professionals ensures the correct treatment for the best results.
    Yes, we can repair issues like cigarette burns, iron burns, red wine stains, pet stains, tears, and rips.
    Absolutely! Our advanced carpet cleaning equipment is highly effective in removing pet and human hair deeply embedded within the carpet pile.
    Yes, we provide same-day and emergency carpet cleaning services throughout Canberra. Reach out to us today to learn more about our quick and responsive carpet cleaning services.
    Carpet cleaning costs vary based on factors like carpet type, size, treatment needed, and cleaning method. In Canberra, we provide affordable services steam cleaning starting from $120. Whatever your cleaning needs, count on us for the best and most budget-friendly carpet cleaning. Feel free to call or request a quick quote.



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